1.1 update!

1.1 Update! Tappy Dudes received an update! For my Complex Games Systems assignment I was tasked with creating a complex system. I wanted to incorporate Tappy Dudes, so after clearing it with my teacher I decided to create an online scoreboard system. The system can technically be imported into any game, however I have integrated it into Tappy Dudes. I demonstrated the following skills while creating this:

  • Created an API using Node.js on my own server hosted on Digital Ocean. The API is capable of tracking high scores across multiple games. User "login" is also supported.
  • Used networking in Unity to send and receive data from the API. 

At the moment accounts are created manually - I need to work on creating a page on my site to create/manage accounts. Email me directly if you would like me to PERSONALLY set you up with one so you can live on in Tappy Dude history!


Tappy_Dudes_1.1.exe 9 MB
Oct 01, 2018

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